President Word


As the Founder and Director of DJ Sports Club, I am honored to lead this highly effective organization through such an important time. We are committed to increase the number of our members and programs over the next three years. This is an ambitious task. However, We are well-positioned to take on this task. We have a wealth of resources provided by the the Little Burgundy Sports Center, Arrondissement du Sud-Quest, Celsius Communications and the RSBL Club.

The years of leadership that our management team has built and strengthened the organization to what it is today. Last, but not to say the least, the passion of the talented staff and our dedicated volunteers is what fuels the momentum of serving the youth at DJ Sports Club.


When I first envisioned the creation of DJ Sports Club, Growing up in the inner-city, I knew first-hand the effects of growing up around substance abuse and gang activities. This was what inspired me to help induce change. I knew the important of having a productive place as an alternative to the streets. DJ Sports Club is that productive place where hundreds of youth are learning life skills to become effective citizens and leaders. The alarming trend of violence involving young people is a grave sign that there remains to be a lot of work to be done.


Working closely with our great group of volunteers, staff and program partners, and with support from generous donors who care about our youth, we will materialize our vision to double the number of youth members and programs in the next three years.


Dexter O. John