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Silent Fundraiser 2015 - Raising Funds for DJ Academy!

  • Lay Up:  $25 Donation
  • Three-Pointer: $50 Donation
  • Slam-Dunk: $100 Donation

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Your donation will allow us to continue to improve DJ Sports Club and make club membership affordable to all, regardless of financial means. Research indicates that providing young people with access to structured, enriching recreational and social programs outside of school greatly benefit their peer relationships, emotional health and academic performance. If that after school and weekend time is unsupervised however, it can be a dangerous and unhealthy time. DJ Sports Club is a safe, supportive club for youth outside of school.

Where your money goes?



Social development


Give knowledge to tomorrow’s leaders

Meet their educational needs (exemples : tutorials, study hall, mentoring)

Improve communication skills and social character

Maintain positive relationships with peers and mentors

Increase self-esteem and self-potential

Enjoy healthy physical activities

Learn the importance to be a part of a team

Develop sense of leadership